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  • Name: Plate Shear Energy Storage Nitrogen Cylinder
  • Number: 1053
  • Add Time: 2011-07-28
  • Nominal force:
  • Trip:
  • Installation distance:
  • Working pressure:
  • The diameter of cylinder:
  • Type:
  • Cylinder head link:
  • Pressure level code:
  • Installation method:
  • Piston rod end link:
  • Buffer mode:
  • Oil port connection form:
  • Rod end connection mode:
  • Views : 53

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Plate shear cylinder is mainly for hydraulic plate shear. Main cylinder of hydraulic plate shear is divided into swing-type plate shear cylinder and guillotine shear cylinder according to shearing principle of plate shear. Swing-type plate shear cylinder is divided into 8 series and 32 specifications and guillotine shear cylinder is divided into 7 series and 30 specifications according to shearing thickness and width. Key sealing elements of cylinder adopt famous imported brands, such as American Parker, German Merkel, Japanese NOK, German B=S, Austrian AL-KO and British Hallite, ensuring the reliability. Cylinder working pressure is 25Mpa.

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