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  • Name: Press cylinder
  • Number: 1320
  • Add Time: 2011-10-23
  • Nominal force:
  • Trip:
  • Installation distance:
  • Working pressure:
  • The diameter of cylinder:
  • Type:
  • Cylinder head link:
  • Pressure level code:
  • Installation method:
  • Piston rod end link:
  • Buffer mode:
  • Oil port connection form:
  • Rod end connection mode:
  • Views : 10070

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Lifeng brand engineering series hydraulic cylinder is double acting single piston rod hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system in reciprocating linear motion of the actuator, has simple and compact structure, reliable work convenient disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance and to connect multiple characteristics. It is mainly used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, lifting transport machinery, metallurgical machinery and other machinery.

Press cylinder

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