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Hydraulic parts: dawn will now

Writer:力丰bbinNumber of visits: Date:2016-01-10

Like a fishbone getting stuck in the throat -- necessary to give vent to one's pent-up feelings
Stuck in my throat, I'm afraid there is no second words to so aptly described based on the core components of weak bring China Construction Machinery Industry and the kind words to the pain.
And in hydraulic parts, engine, electronic control system of the three core parts undoubtedly hydraulic parts is the sharp a fishbone card in throat of industry of machinery of our country project.
Data as evidence, there are professional organizations had in 2010 on this survey. The results show that I state to be mature engineering machinery fittings, hydraulic parts accounted for 88% (including high-pressure hydraulic system accounted for 52%, variable hydraulic system accounted for 36%), came in second place in the engine several times higher than.
At the same time, even more worrying is that the current market is the most popular excavator is missing the most serious parts of the product. The proportion of the blank space is as high as 42%, which is almost twice as high as second of the road maintenance machinery. This means that, nearly half of China's 2010 making hundreds of thousands of excavator parts totally dependent on imports, and hydraulic parts there is no suspense occupied the top.
In fact, China's construction machinery, especially the development of key components of hydraulic parts seriously restricted the development of the host manufacturing, which has formed a consensus in the industry. Because of the key components of domestic equipment technology is weak, and the world famous brands when competing against the obvious disadvantage.
In order to ensure the quality of the equipment, the host manufacturers have to take international matching, from Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions imported key parts. Statistics show that only for the relatively low cost of small hydraulic excavators, if the full set of hydraulic system from abroad, the cost will account for more than 30% of the whole. But the high cost and low price, will eventually Chinese the host companies caught in the middle, can only share a cup of leftovers from the size of the bonus in.
Not only so, due to the limited capacity of the international key parts and components manufacturers, and even trade protection and other factors, domestic mainframe manufacturers by the dual challenges of the delivery period is long, the cost high, parts procurement can not meet the console manufacturers production and sales growth of demand. This is remarkable from the annual iron ore negotiations in general hydraulic panic buying war.
"It's a kind of unspeakable pain." Many of the industry's host manufacturers have told reporters that a similar mood.
Multi attention
It is gratifying that the construction machinery industry is the most prominent contradictions finally attracted the attention of many, the huge market demand has finally pushed the supporting parts of the industry forward rolling wheels.
In October 11, 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "implementation plan for the revitalization of mechanical components and parts industry". Which clearly put forward, to speed up the development of key parts and components to speed up the pace, and constantly meet the needs of the development of equipment and strategic emerging industries in various fields.
Mechanical basic parts (mainly refers to: bearing, gear, mold, hydraulic parts, gas pneumatic components, sealing parts, fasteners) is an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry is an indispensable, directly determines the major equipment and the host of product performance, level, the quality and reliability of the is realization of China's equipment manufacturing industry from large to strong changes of the key, according to the Ministry of industry.
November 2010, China Construction Machinery Industry Association Secretary General Su Zimeng said, there are two sets of engineering machinery key components to support the policy proposal submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology. Su Zimeng said, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the construction machinery industry will focus on key components to solve the problem of short board.
In fact, as early as 2006, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the branch has been set up for small hydraulic parts of the localization of domestic issues. Was raised transplantation "agricultural model", is divided into two steps: the first 5 years to seize the pressure below 30 MPa hydraulic parts market in; and then the second 5 years gradually to more than 30 MPa of large hydraulic parts market extension. Finally, we expect in 10 years time to achieve mechanical engineering hydraulic components made entirely of.
In fact, after 5 years of efforts, China's local hydraulic parts enterprises as well as some of the host manufacturers have been able to mass provide a small excavator with the hydraulic parts, the plan basically completed.
At present, the government departments at all levels have a full understanding of the importance of the development of high-grade core hydraulic components in China. The country has put China's development of high-grade core hydraulic components included in the science and technology research and development program, has been given to some of the key enterprises to provide the development of high-grade core hydraulic components considerable free capital support. According to the reporter, Shandong, Guangxi and other provinces also provide a large number of non interest bearing loans to support enterprise development.
Investment boom
And in the country for the supporting piece of the industry is so unprecedented attention, the construction machinery industry also followed by a set of investment research and development boom, especially in hydraulic parts.
Some host plant to take the lead. In recent years, in the mechanical engineering especially the rapid development of domestic excavator, the host enterprises suffered terribly, its expansion rate and sustained development ability by certain constraints. In the domestic professional matching pieces are not mature, a few of the strength of the vision, ambitious host enterprise has begun the development of hydraulic components of the excavator core components.
Among them, the construction machinery of the hydraulic parts of the construction machinery of the high attention. This reporter has learned that the project is one of the 2009 national investment focus on the revitalization and transformation of the industry in the implementation of the project in Guangxi. According to reports, the project has been the Deputy Prime Minister of the state Li Keqiang's care and support, and therefore

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