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The ACL Group Yang Chengshou guest "influence" dialogue

Number of visits: Date:2015-07-27

Machinery manufacturing industry to provide technical equipment for the entire national economy, its level of development is one of the main signs of the industrialization of the country, the sheet metal manufacturing industry in which acts as an important role. Why do so? Because it is used in various fields, aerospace, military, engineering machinery, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, and some other industries.

Recently, the influence of dialogue "column is fortunate to be invited to the sheet metal manufacturing industry cutting-edge enterprises Lifeng group vice chairman Yang Chengshou Mr. guest" influence dialogue ".
ACL ACL is a set design, research and development, production, sales and service of form a complete set in one of the professional management of sheet metal machinery manufacturing production enterprises, the ACL ACL created in 1981, after 33 years of arduous pioneering and stable development in China and holds three major manufacturing base (Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong). The main products are shearing machine, bending machine, laser cutting machines, turret punch press, leveling machine, bending machine, container manufacturing complete sets of equipment, plate (volume) and shearing production line, cold roll forming production line, the wind tube automatic production line and reel bone machine, flange plate machine, folding machine, pressure rib machine, circular air duct, electromechanical integration, special machinery and equipment. Leeport products are widely used in heating and ventilation, container equipment, railway, construction, vehicles, ships, nuclear power industry, household electrical appliances, iron and steel metallurgy, engineering machinery, automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical industry, boiler, bridges and other industries.
The HSBC ACL in mechanical equipment manufacturing industry has created a number of industry segments and China project champion world champion. Container manufacturing industry in the world, more than 80% of the packaging equipment is by Lifeng production line manufacturing, wind turbines in China accounted for 50% of large wind turbines for the giant column by Lifeng machinery manufacturing, automobile sheet production line accounted for 22% of the market share, the central air-conditioning pipeline machinery in China more than 50% is by Lifeng machinery manufacturing, is China's first brand, and is one of the world famous brands.
Data show that: China's sheet metal processing industry, the average annual growth rate of 10%-15%. To 2015, sheet metal processing industry of our country to reach an annual output value of 880 billion yuan, this is undoubtedly to China's increasingly large industrial development of icing on the cake.

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