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Respect for talent, vigorously implement the strategy of intellectual property rights

Number of visits: Date:2013-09-27

Leeport Shandong Industrial Park through nearly two years of construction, for four independent legal person unit, production, marketing activities have been carried out smoothly, enterprises have entered the normal operation stage. Therefore, knowledge creative property, protection work has been put on the agenda, in order to ensure the development of Lifeng, pioneering Lifeng to ensure Lifeng's leading position in the same industry, vigorously implement the strategy of intellectual property rights is the one big a magic weapon.
Respect for talent, encourage scientific research personnel invention patent is one of our important work to implement the strategy of intellectual property rights. Where technical projects completed, in charge of the project shall in a timely manner to the research project issued by department in charge of the report, according to the provisions of the unit to submit all the scientific and technological archives, and puts forward an application for a patent for the necessity and feasibility, the patent application project handled in a timely manner for matters, the patent as the focus, to the series of products as the carrier, breadth of coverage for all products, key components; for the core technology to improve the gold content of ACL in intellectual property. On technology and process to declare the patent and software copyright right, proposed by the inventor, the project team for, by audit unit leadership, reported to the chief engineer of the approved, should actively apply for patent; but design people not to declare, unit the leadership power delegate declaration. For the intellectual property rights form, protection, management and transformation of scientific and technological achievements have made outstanding contributions to the, according to specific provisions of state, and the unit, giving including issuing monetary rewards, job, promotions, job classification, such as material and spiritual rewards. (incentive policy for the time being implemented in the Guangdong group standards).
Hope you research staff, immediate action, to work with full enthusiasm, high creative passion, then climb the peak in the field of science, to meet year-end Lifeng Shandong Industrial Park of scientific and Technological Achievements Summary commendation congress victory held!

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