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Development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry must grasp eight links

Writer:力丰bbinNumber of visits: Date:2011-12-15

High end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the seven major areas of strategic emerging industries proposed by the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan". Recently, held in Xuzhou in 2011 China (Jiangsu) high-end equipment manufacturing industry development forum, China Machinery Industry Federation vice president caiweici on how to develop the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, promote industrial machinery by the strongly presents new insights.
It is imperative to develop high-end equipment
Cai Weici pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry of China's national economy. After many years of development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has formed a large-scale, complete categories, with a certain level of technology industry. Especially in the "Eleventh Five Year" period, "the State Council about to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry a number of opinions" after the implementation of the, the equipment manufacturing industry to obtain the considerable development, to further improve the capability of independent innovation of major technical equipment, part of the level of product technology and market share rate has leapt to the forefront of the world, the international competitiveness significantly.
However, it is undeniable that, as the equipment manufacturing industry, the industry is big but not strong, the level of manufacturing infrastructure lags behind, the ability to innovate is weak and other issues still exist. This situation has inevitably of machinery industry of China's recent situation produced negative effects: in the first half of this year, industrial machinery operation showed significant growth decline phenomenon, the main business revenue fell, the first five months sales growth slowed, foreign trade appears sustainable deficit. The existing product oversupply of low-end equipment, the high volume of product inventory; there are also the industry vicious competition in the market, such as wire and cable, transformer, switch excessive development of industries, leading to the problem of excess production capacity; and high-end equipment huge domestic demand, doubling imports of machinery products, on the domestic market caused because of a greater impact. Machinery industry develop these new trends, transfer the internal mechanism of the market of these new signals, forward-looking warning: China will in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period to achieve the transformation of the development mode, change "manufacturing power" for "manufacturing power" must speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading, enhance the capability of independent innovation, vigorously develop the high-end equipment.
Cai Wei Tze said: at present, for the machinery industry, the development of high-end equipment is promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, practice the scientific concept of development strategic initiatives; for enterprises, the development of high-end equipment is improve the industrial capability of independent development, to reduce imports of dependence, with less resource consumption to obtain larger output the only way.
He said that accumulate in our mechanical industry development trend in recent years, on the one hand, China's heavy industrialization into the acceleration phase, rail transit construction, aerospace industry, Hehai marine engineering, marine petroleum engineering, wind power and other new energy industry of advantage of backwardness of high-end equipment manufacturing industry was pulling effect; on the other hand, "1025" planning a dominant ideology is to realize the transformation and upgrading of the national economy involving national economic development of all walks of life to achieve to achieve maximum economic and social benefits with the least resources consumption, the main means must rely on the modernization of production equipment of high-end technology and production technology. Therefore, there is reason to believe that during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, in the national implementation of cultivation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and to encourage enterprises to technological progress and policy guidance, all walks of life of the equipment requirements can only be than it was a decade ago higher: one is the requirement of more efficient equipment; the second is requirements, design the deposition in operation process in the production of green, low loss, less pollution and environmental friendliness. By then, the high-end equipment market demand, the development of space is huge, the machinery industry will usher in a new development opportunity, high-end equipment manufacturing will become a sustained growth in the emerging field of support machinery industry.
Cai Weici said, high quality, high technology is the main feature of high-end equipment. Pursuit of high quality, high technology is the key to get rid of the image of the low end of China's machinery industry, but also all the equipment manufacturing enterprises to survive, seek development of life issues. Currently restricting China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry development of the main factors, one is compared to the products of the technical performance indicators and the world advanced level there is an obvious gap, mainly in the automation and intelligent level is not high, to adapt to extreme environments such as high (low temperature, high pressure, ultra high speed, high corrosion, high radiation, high wear ability is not strong; second is product quality with the world advanced level compared to the gap between the obvious, outstanding performance in the quality guarantee system is not perfect, product quality and stability, poor reliability, some products in the performance index of high technical content but maturity is low, can not meet the user requirements, the poor credibility.
Still need to grasp eight key links
How to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, to speed up the adjustment of China's machinery industry structure, and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading? Cai Weici pointed out, we must grasp the following eight key links:
First, the attack must lay a solid foundation for high-end technical bottlenecks. Development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry could not accomplish in one move, must make great efforts to improve basic process, basic material, basic components of R & D and system integration level, the strengthening of major technical equipment development and industrialization, breakthrough and mastery of the high-end measurement and control system, key basic parts, high-grade workhorses, special high-quality raw materials of the four bottlenecks in key core technology, vigorously improve the basic technological level of the casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, such as high-end hydraulic parts of the blank casting technology, and so on.
Two is to attack the high-end must be independent innovation, to achieve high-end equipment

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