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ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

Number of visits: Date:2012-04-11

In December 28, 2011, "touched by the ACL 30 years" ACL 30 anniversary celebration held in Guangdong Foshan production base. Leeport founder Huang Kun to join Mrs. Tan Yuying, Lifeng Group Chairman Doucet join the board as a whole is collective appearance. Production base in Guangdong Foshan Lifeng nearly 2000 employees and their families to witness "moved Lifeng 30 years" celebration exciting and touching moment.
Doucet, chairman of the board of directors at the ceremony said, "thank the party and the government, thank Lifeng employees, thank dealers, thank the ACL partners from all sectors of the community for 30 years of ACL support and help, Lifeng group in the help and support of the community will be able to from China to the world, R & D, manufacturing" in the world the best machine '".
In the festival, Lifeng group for the outstanding performance of partners and staff issued "Leeport best cooperation Partner Award", "the HSBC Group quality suppliers," and "the HSBC Group's most loyal dealer Award", "the HSBC Group best sales elite Award" and "outstanding staff Award" awards, to show their encouragement and appreciation. In addition, the HSBC Group is for all those involved in the celebration of the guests for the third prize, second prize, first prize, grand prize sweepstakes, will the atmosphere of celebration of the party again and again to a climax.

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, the HSBC Group founder Huang Kun let his wife Ms. Tan Yuying debut and speak

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, the HSBC Group Chairman Mr. Huang Yuanliang speech

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, all shareholders appeared

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, shareholders to speak


ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, awards for quality suppliers

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

It is understood, the HSBC Group has 30 years of history, is China more of the scale of the heavy forging machinery, mechanical ventilation pipe and sheet metal equipment, welding cutting equipment manufacturers. Leeport professional engaged in iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, nuclear power industry, vehicles, ships, aerospace, military, engineering machinery, heating and ventilation, container, boiler, bridge, building materials and other industries of machinery and equipment manufacturing cooperation and development.

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, the staff chorus" Leeport song "

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held

Leeport now China has three major manufacturing base, which are located in Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, covering the Foshan City Nanhai Lifeng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Foshan City Nanhai Lifeng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai angstrom Theil CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shandong Lifeng Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shandong Lifeng automation equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong decimating WTO hydraulic cylinder Co., Ltd., Shandong Shen heath Technology Development Co., Ltd.. Group covers an area of, an area of 1000 acres, about 70 million square meters, building large and heavy industrial workshop of about 20 million square meters, all kinds of large and medium-sized production equipment 400 sets, a total of 2000 employees. Leeport years with its strong strength and technology, continuous improvement and innovation, become the leading manufacturer of sheet metal processing equipment in China. Group has six technical R & D center and two professional R & D team, located in Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin, Harbin, with strong on the ventilating pipeline equipment, CNC forging equipment, open book divided into equipment, welding and cutting equipment and oil cylinder, mold and other products of the professional research and development strength. Has more than 300 senior engineer, for the specific product structure of the real sense of the professional design, to provide users with the most personal, reasonable design. To the quality seeking development of ACL group, depending on the production management process quality control and advanced design are equally important, and resolutely in accordance with the national standards, industry standards and European standards of technical requirements strictly enforced.

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held, peacock dance

The ACL Group in the process of internationalization, and constantly improve themselves, and actively explore the international market, our Lifeng products has been marketing to 86 countries and regions in the world, and actively learn from Europe and the United States developed machinery company, now with Germany eht company cooperation in the production of machine tools.

ACL moved 30 ACL loading "celebration held


    With the advance of globalization, Lifeng group industry chain are also focus on from China to world, the lighter industry to heavy industry of the whole industrial chain matching. The HSBC Group is the ideal and goal of producing "the world's best machine".

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