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Talent recruitment

First, the design categories:
Mechanical, hydraulic engineer (each 5): 25-50 years old, college degree or above, machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical professional, hydraulic fluid dynamics and other related professional, quick thinking, more than three years working experience in design-related industries, a strong sense of professionalism , sense of responsibility.

Second, management categories:
1, the workshop foreman (machining): male, aged 28-45, in technical or higher education, mechanical or related professional, familiar with site management, planning, organization, coordination ability, strong ability to spot problem solving, three or more years of relevant working experience.
2, material control Leader: Male, 25-45 years old, in technical or higher education, skilled use of computers, machinery or related professional, familiar with the logistics management processes, strong organization and coordination ability, storage hardware more than five years of work experience.

Third, the production technology categories:
1, landing boring work, boring work, CNC boring and milling, general lathe, CNC lathe, milling, gantry milling, gantry planer, mill workers, machine fitter, gantry mill workers (wages: 2200 --- 4500 yuan / month ); 20-45 years old, in technical or higher education, health, hard working, knowledge of mechanical drawings, more than three years of relevant experience.
2, inspector (2000-4000 yuan / month): male or female, college or high school diploma, skilled use of measuring tools, familiar with the product process flow, knowledge machining drawings or assembly drawings, more than three years of relevant work experience .
3, metering member (2200-3000): Male, familiar measuring tools, know how to maintain, maintenance, more than two years work experience.
4, assembly fitter (2000-4000 yuan / month): mechanical specialty, knowledge of mechanical assembly drawings, healthy, hard working, have assembled more than two years of work experience.
5, CNC cutting programmer (1800-3500 yuan / month): 2, secondary education, knowledge of mechanical drawings, skilled use of CAD, will use the CNC nesting software, engaged in more than three years of relevant work experience.
6, apprentices (900-1300 yuan / month): male, aged 18-28, in technical education, can be hard on the machinery industry interest.

Fourth, the benefits:
1, the company gave employees pay social insurance;
2. The job subsidy for food, more than 150 yuan per month per person for meals;
3, the accommodations have private balcony, bathroom, and equipped with heating, solar energy, monthly subsidies to some utilities;
4, the company provides training opportunities.


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